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“Guangzhou Dream Factory” Film Screening

Public Screening with Filmmaker Erica Marcus
Thursday, March 7, 2019
Time: 4:00p
Location: 229 McKenzie Hall

Focusing on the experiences of African migrants in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Dream Factory valuably sheds light on a significant but little understood and understudied social transformation occurring in China as a result of globalization and China’s developing relations with Africa. Co-produced with filmmaker Christiane Badgley, who has worked on film and journalism projects in West Africa for the last 25 years, the film has been screened at numerous universities and film festivals in the US and China, including at SUNY Albany, the Smithsonian, Beijing University, the Hong Kong Museum of History, and at the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.

About the filmmaker: Erica Marcus was among the first Americans to live and study in China after normalization of US China relations in 1979-1981 (辽大). Before that, she spent a year studying Mandarin at Nanyang University in Singapore (1976-1977). After graduating from SUNY Albany, she spent time in Hong Kong working closely with Chinese filmmaker Hu Jin Quan (胡金铨), or King Hu.

Presented by the UO Confucius Institute for Global China Studies and cosponsored by the African Studies Program, Asian Studies Program, Department of East Asian Languages and LIteratures, Department of Ethnic Studies, Department of Geography, and Department of Sociology.