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University of Oregon
Confucius Seal

Advisory Board

Doug Blandy, Ph.D., Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Architecture and Allied Arts

Qun Chen, Ph.D., President, East China Normal University

Dennis Galvan, Ph.D., Vice Provost for International Affairs

Bryna Goodman, Ph.D., Professor of History

Anne Rose Kitagawa, M.A., Chief Curator of Collections & Asian Art and Director of Academic Programs, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Wendy Larson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Ada O.L. Lee, Ph.D., Business Investment Consultant and President, B&A International, Inc., Eugene

John Manotti, Assistant Vice Provost for International Advancement

Youqun Ren , Ph.D., Vice President, East China Normal University

Ann Wetherell, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Art History, Willamette University; Secretary, Northwest China Council, Portland